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Led Zeppelin IV
Led Zeppelin
Album Rock,Arena Rock,Blues-Rock,British Blues,British Metal,Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,Regional Blues
November 8, 1971
Date of recording:
December, 1970 - March, 1971
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The untitled fourth studio album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, commonly known as Led Zeppelin IV, was released on 8 November 1971 by Atlantic Records. It was produced by guitarist Jimmy Page and recorded between December 1970 and February 1971, mostly in the country house Headley Grange. The album contains one of the band's best known songs, "Stairway to Heaven".

Led Zeppelin IV and Physical Grafitti both have the highest number of musicians in a Led Zeppelin album, 6. Led Zeppelin IV was a commercial and critical success upon its November 1971 release, producing many of the band’s best-known songs, including Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Misty Mountain Hop, Going to California, and the band’s signature song, Stairway to Heaven. The album is one of the best-selling albums worldwide at 37 million units, though Rolling Stones Magazine seemed to think it was more average initially.

Led Zeppelin IV (1971) - download the album and listen online. On this page you can listen to the album, get information about the album, see the list of songs and much more. Listen online and stay in a good mood. Org Album: Led Zeppelin IV (1971).

Hard Rock Led Zeppelin. 队列表 Hard Rock Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV. 歌词. 添加评阅. this album is awesome beyond belief!Its got a good mixture of genres and the solos are awesome!this is one of Led Zeppelins best albums. if someone wanted to here led zep to see if they like them this album is definitely the one they should hear. Black Dog' and 'Rock 'n Roll' are classics of heavy metal. The Battle Of Evermore' has folk elements. Stairway to Heaven' is a hard rock anthem starting soft and ending hard. Misty Mountain Hop' is, like all the songs on this album a led zep classic.

Listen free to Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV (Black Dog, Rock and Roll and more). Led Zeppelin IV is the common, but unofficial name of the untitled fourth album of English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was released on November 8, 1971. It has no official title printed anywhere on the album, but is generally called Led Zeppelin IV after the band's previous three numbered albums. Atlantic Records catalogs have used the names Four Symbols (see below) and The Fourth Album; it has also been referred to as Zoso, which the first symbol appears to spell

Led Zeppelin IV The Reaper Led Zeppelin didn't publicize much and they usually did not do interviews with reporters. Jan 05, 2008 02:26 pm Jan 05, 2008 02:26 pm. 0. IV is one of the greatest CD's of all time and is one of Led Zeppelin's finest. Led Zeppelin didn't publicize much and they usually did not do interviews with reporters. Sep 03, 2007 02:07 pm Sep 03, 2007 02:07 p. .

LED ZEPPELIN 1971 Led Zeppelin IV скачать в mp3 на телефон(Android, Iphone) или слушайте песню Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin - Black Dog, Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks, Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll. Led Zeppelin – The Battle Of Evermore (1971). Led Zeppelin (IV Four Symbols, 1971) – 7. Going To California. Led Zeppelin – Black Dog. 5:51. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin Fourth Album (1971) – 03. The Battle Of Evermore. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven. Led Zeppelin – Four Sticks. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV 1971 – S1 02. Rock And Roll. Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop (Led Zeppelin IV - 1971). Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (Led Zeppelin IV - 1971). Led Zeppelin – 01 Black Dog Led Zeppelin IV. 3:39. Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll.

Hard-Rock Led Zeppelin. 3. 4. Stairway to Heaven. 5. Misty Mountain Hop. 04:38. 7.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Black Dog John Paul Jones / Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Led Zeppelin 4:57
2 Rock and Roll John Bonham / John Paul Jones / Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Led Zeppelin 3:40
3 The Battle of Evermore Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Led Zeppelin 5:52
4 Stairway to Heaven Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Led Zeppelin 8:02
5 Misty Mountain Hop John Paul Jones / Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Led Zeppelin 4:38
6 Four Sticks Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Led Zeppelin 4:45
7 Going to California Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Led Zeppelin 3:31
8 When the Levee Breaks John Bonham / John Paul Jones / Memphis Minnie / Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Led Zeppelin 7:08


John Bonham - Composer
Sandy Denny - Guest Artist
Masa Ito - Liner Notes
John Paul Jones - Composer
Led Zeppelin - Primary Artist
Memphis Minnie - Composer
Jimmy Page - Composer, Producer
Robert Plant - Composer
  • Nikok
Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album is a monolithic musical milestone with soul-stirring songs that paved the way for 70s hard rock and heavy metal. The record combines elements of the predominantly acoustic and folk-oriented Led Zeppelin III with the blues rock and hard rock of the band's first two releases. The album derives its themes from English mythology and builds on the country/city dichotomy explored in the previous record. The cover displays an oil painting of a farmer at work, contrasted with a photo of a high-rise building on the back. Scattered throughout the record are four hand-drawn mystical symbols designed by each of the band members it represents, including Jimmy Page’s enigmatic “ZoSo” rune. After the lukewarm criticism that Led Zeppelin III received, the band boldly used no print on the sleeve to place focus on their music - there is no album title, band name or catalogue number. The lustful “Black Dog” fires off with Page’s muted guitar replicating the sound of a salivating dog. The song adopts a call-and-response dynamic between the vocalist and the band, while Page’s killer heavy metal riff has a shifting tempo that keeps listeners on the edge. The track ends with a vehement guitar solo forcing its way among Robert Plant’s frenzied wails. "Rock and Roll” is based on a standard blues progression and has Ian Stewart on piano. Next, "The Battle of Evermore” is a mandolin-driven song that references Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" and counts with evocative vocals from guest co-singer Sandy Denny. "Stairway to Heaven" is Led Zeppelin’s signature song and has become the most played track in the history of US radio. The song starts with a gentle acoustic guitar and flutes accompanying Plant’s plaintive vocals and ends with ardent power chords. In between, the track culminates in one of most memorable and virtuous guitar solos ever composed. The epic song showcases the band’s fascination with religion and the occult. Since its release, unfounded rumours have emerged that playing the track backwards will reveal satanic messages. "Misty Mountain Hop” kicks off with bassist John Paul Jones’ catchy electric piano line and has satirical lyrics about hippie culture and pot. The funky "Four Sticks” derives its name from the fact that John Bonham had to use four drumsticks in order to record the perfect take. “Going to California” is a pensive folk ballad led by Page’s delicate acoustic fingerpicking and John Paul Jones' mellow mandolin. The closer is "When the Levee Breaks”, a reworked classic blues song about the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. Here, Bonzo's hard-hitting drums make way for Page’s dazed and layered guitar riffs. The sludgy track relies heavily on studio effects, with phased vocals and a backwards echoed harmonica solo. Led Zeppelin IV sees the band at the pinnacle of their songwriting and has inspired generations of musicians with its explosive and indelible melodies.
  • Chillhunter
The thing about the mythological LZ4 (also known as Untitled or Zoso) is that it is the first LZ album without an obviously weak song on it. No covers, no blues derivatives, just the band at their creative peak. Out of the eight songs contained, four of them are obviously standouts: “Stairway to Heaven” is one of the best rock songs ever written, an evolving shifting masterwork that brings out emotion in a very unique way – by channeling it though unstable stories & tales of enchantment; “When the Levee Breaks” is the effective closer, that pounds along with enough force to truly bash a levee down – another structure shifting masterwork; “Black Dog” which has that guitar line in the chorus that no guitarist can really play correctly; “Rock n’ Roll” sums up the feeling of rock music to this point, with it’s simple sounding riff and its “been a long lonely, lonely, lonely time” lyrics. While I would incldue the mesmerizing “Four Sticks” into this category of awe inspiring tunes, the three remaining tunes would be personal preference.“Battle of Evermore”, “Misty Mountain Hop” and “Going to California” might be favorites of some people, but they tend to be people’s least favorite (let the hate mail come!) when compared to the obvious classics. Each of those three songs are not quite in the class of the other five when you really get down to it, that is all I mean. Could every song be a “Stairway to Heaven” or “Black Dog”? I don’t see why not personally, there are plenty of albums that have done that many awe-inspiring songs in a row. This record is so iconic though, and so classic, that to listen to it enough is to maybe be too harsh or critical upon it. Personally I love this record, it is the best one out of the first four and I would never skip any tune while listening. Plants singing, Page’s riffs, Jones’s bass playing, and Bonham’s spectacular drumming all are at their peak here, as is Page’s beautiful songwriting and superb production. It is an album that always wins you over in the end, even if you tried to find a flaw in it. The band truly evolves into their own on Led Zeppelin 4, and the future looks bright.
  • Taur
I am compeled to write to everyone who may read this. Led Zeppelin must be taken back from the rapture of Metal fans. Much as been said about this great album, it is an eternal masterpiece. However my concern is the musical appropriation of Led Zeppelin as a heavy metal cornerstone. The problem is very grave, Led Zeppelin is special. Every single one of its members could be considered on their own some of the greatest rock instrumentalists of all time; excluding Robert who may stand in the aisle of singers to the likes of Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, etc. As such Led Zeppelin pioneered dark, mythical and yes heavy sound. Still if you know anything about its members you can see the influences of Folk, Psychedelic, Eastern, Jazz, Blues and plane Rock n Roll. Some argue LZ is "the heavy metal" band, its not. Not knowing who may call it that, heavy metal was "invented" by Blue Cheer's Vincebus Eruptum, Deep Purple's Machine Head, Paranoid, Jeff Beck and for some reason "forgotten" Budgie. Understanding the immensely influential legacy of Led Zeppelin to BOTH Heavy Rock and Metal, this is a Rock band. Some seem to say Led Zeppelin preceded Black Sabbath, still one of the albums afore mentioned precedes Led, all of this is why it makes no sense to me. I however urge rock 'connaisseurs' and fans alike to share your opinion and mend this misunderstanding to take back one of Greatest Bands of All Time. I don't mean to attack metalheads around the world, in fact I would like your opinion, consider that as much as you may not like it Metal comes form ROCK the lines may sometimes be blurry but many others have had much more influence in Metal as its own genre than LZ. ZoSo is not so-so, One of the Best Albums Ever. What makes Led great is its eclecticism, something that has been lost recently in Rock and exacerbated by the metal overtake.
  • Sharpbrew
'Stairway' remains the king of album oriented hard rock, which is ironic because at least half of it is acoustic folk! Beyond that of course, the album is the studio pinnacle of achievements from the greatest rock band of the '70s, Jimmy Page insists that Zeppelin were at their ABSOLUTE peak in the summer of '72 so one can only imagine how good a new album of theirs would have sounded that year. But then we'll never know either, so this forever remains the standard bearer for them and therefore every hard rock/heavy metal band which followed them over the next 20 years. The Beatles have Sgt. Pepper, Pink Floyd have Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin have Zoso/IV/Runes/Four Symbols/Knocked Down House/There's No Name Or Title Because We Hate The Critics.
  • Adorardana
By 1971’s IV, Led Zeppelin had mastered thumping blues, gentle acoustical folk, hard rock, and even pop. Producer/guitarist Jimmy Page had a real ear for sonic textures (like the soaring orchestral crescendo here on “When the Levee Breaks") that changed forever how hard rock would be heard and recorded. Loose-limbed anthems like “Rock ’n’ Roll” dovetail with lilting epics like “Stairway to Heaven," revealing a band at the height of their musical and rock-mystical powers.
  • MarF
One of the milestone albums in rock. Zeps untitled 4th album covers all the moods of the band. Blasting rock such as Black Dog and Rock And Roll, acoustic fare like Going To California, blues with When The Levee Breaks, and, of course, Stairway To Heaven. There really is not a song you will skip past on this one. Many say the first Jeff Beck Group album started heavy metal. But, Led Zeppelin refined it and took it to another level. I am thankful they did not try another album like this. They just kept expanding their musical horizons til the day they called it quits.
  • Keel
Hard rock doesn't get any better than this. All of the musical ideas that Led Zep had been refining coalesced in a masterwork that rivals anything else in rock and roll. There are no weak links, not a wasted moment - in short, a perfect album. Even their goofy mystical-Medieval fixation works to good effect here; "The Battle Of Evermore" sounds as if it had been waiting for centuries to be resurrected as a timeless English folk-rock classic. They even leaven the proceedings with wry humor on the galloping "Misty Mountain Hop". But the crowning moment is the closer, "When the Levee Breaks", a menacing reworking of an old blues tune that is absolutely spellbinding.
  • Knights from Bernin
The monument that not just Led Zeppelin albums are measured by but maybe all albums, Led Zeppelin IV (or whatever you want to call it) towers above the competition and sets the standard for heavy rock. Zeppelin takes pieces of their first three albums and adds some of their most potent guitar play as well as some of their most beautiful recorded moments to create not just an atmosphere or an environment, but a world that is both idyllic and intense. Those extremes drive IV into the stratosphere and show just how versatile a band Zeppelin truly was. The electric numbers and the acoustic numbers fuse together to create a unique visual and listening experience. And it would be a disservice to not mention the tremendous leap forward the band was taking in its writing. The influences were becoming as literal as they were musical and those forces pushed IV forever into the rock consciousness. Key tracks are Black Dog, Rock And Roll, Stairway To Heaven, Going To California, and When The Levee Breaks.
  • Cerekelv
The best rock/metal album to have ever existed? At least one of them. Led Zeppelin IV has been called the bands magnum opus, which for a band that regularly churned out masterworks, that would be the masterpiece of their masterpieces and while I tend to treat all great albums that I love in about the same way because each is unique and different, I would agree that IV is one of Zepplin's finest achievements. From start to finish, it's non-stop brilliance. Both sides of the album follow this basic structure, two hard or funky rockers, a jangly or folksy midtempo or ballad number, and an epic (in terms of both length and sound side closer). In the case of side one it's the wild, roof raising heavy metal anthem Black Dog and the even wilder, barn storming Rock N'Roll, in the case of side two, it's the equally hard and funky, Lord of the Rings referencing, hippy satirizing Misty Mountain Hop and and the less hard but more more funky Four Sticks, those make up the rockers on both sides. The bizarre medieval tale, The Battle of Evermore, is side one's mid tempo jangly number and the lovely, cinematic, Going to California is the albums relaxed folk number on side two. And then there are the two big epic side closers, Stairway to heaven and When the Levee Breaks. Where do I begin with these two songs. As if songs like Black Dog and Rock N'Roll weren't awesome enough, one of the most epic rock productions of all time, Stairway to Heaven forms the albums centerpiece. There's just something mystical about Stairway to Heaven, it's poetic and this wonderfully inventive classical suite type structure to it that sounds like it travelling in time through the use of it's own instrumentation as it goes from medieval flutes to acoustic guitar, electric piano, jangly sounding electric guitar work, Jimmy Page's epically searing, psychedelic solo, and the wailing intensity of the end where Robert Plant's vocals get wild as does Jon Bonham's drumming in accordance with Pages intense guitar work, it's practically spiritual in nature. It's as if this was made to convey the universal, timeless nature of songs topics about greed, vanity, and spiritual emptiness. Then there's When the Levee Breaks, a monstrous atmospheric piece that rivals with Black Dog, Rock N'Roll, D'yer Maker, Communication Breakdown, and Dazed and Confused as having some of Jon Bonham's greatest ever drum work and his drum work propels the songs and it's ominous cinematic atmosphere forward, it's no wonder this is among Led Zepplin's most sampled songs, those thunderous drums are pure magic! If you don't no where to start in regards to Led Zeppelin's illustrious catalogue, look no further than Led Zeppelin IV.
  • JoJosho
Awesome. And I am not a big Led Zeppelin fan. I just know what's awesome. The Pyramids. Frankenstein's Monster. Decrypting the human genome. And "When The Levee Breaks".