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The Spiracles - How Things Went Well When I Met You flac

The Spiracles - How Things Went Well When I Met You flac
How Things Went Well When I Met You
The Spiracles
Alternative Pop/Rock,Alternative/Indie Rock
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When I Met You (оригинал David Bowie). Когда я встретил тебя (перевод Алекс). You knew just everything. Should be ashamed (When I met you). Тебе должно быть стыдно (Когда я встретил тебя). You should have walked (I was the walking dead). Тебе нужно было пройтись (Я был ходячим мертвецом). She tore you down (I was kicked in the head). Она разорвала тебя на куски (Меня ударили по голове).

7 Where when I met you yesterday? A were you going B did you going C did you went. 8 Kate along the country road when her car broke down. A was driving B drove C was drive. 9 The firm went bankrupt and I my job. A was losing B losing C lost. 10 I felt sick yesterday.

When Harry Met Sally. is a 1989 American romantic comedy film written by Nora Ephron and directed by Rob Reiner. The story follows the title characters from the time they meet just before sharing a cross-country drive, through twelve years of chance encounters in New York City.

It was 1942 and my mother and I lived in a small village in the country. My father wasn’t there. He was (A) . ‘Suddenly, on 26th January, (B) Hundreds of American soldiers, GI’s, came to the village. I met Hank at a Saturday dance. I think I feel in love the first (G) time we danced! I was so shy that (H) I couldn’t look at him, but he took me to the dance every Saturday after that. We didn’t know American people then. In 1943 Hank went to France, but we wrote to each other. We wrote for two years and at the end of the war he (J) came back for me. He took me to the States, to his home of Arizona. Well, now we have four children and twelve grandchildren! (1) Where did Gloria live when she was a girl? In England. 2) Why did village life change in January, 1942?

WERE STUDYING in Canbridge when we MET (study, meet) f) WERE they LIVING in Rome when they HAD their first baby. live, have) 3 b complete the sentences with so, because, but or although 1. ALTHOUGH it was very cold, she wasn't wearning a coat 2. I woke up in the night BECAUSE there was a noise 3. I called him, BUT. his mobile was turned off . .ALTHOUGH she's very nice, she doesn't have many friends 5. there was nothing on TV, SO I went to bed 6. All the cafes were full BECAUSE it was a public holiday. 7. She wanted to be a doctor, BUT she failed her exams 8. the garden looked.

Yesterdy I went to the library, next I had a swim, later I met Julie for a coffee. We (play) tennis when John (hurt) his ankle. We were playing tennis when John hurt his ankle. It was a day last September. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. I was walking along the street when I met an old friend. He (live) in Russia when the Revolution (start). He was living in Russia when the Revolution started.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Fireflies Luis Rodriguez The Spiracles 4:20
2 Mercy Luis Rodriguez The Spiracles 3:01
3 End of the Affair The Spiracles 4:20
4 Fireflies [Elika Remix] Luis Rodriguez The Spiracles 3:42
5 Fireflies [Canu Altocamet Remix] Luis Rodriguez The Spiracles 4:44


Aracelli Fernández - Group Member, Vocals
Rocco Flores - Arranger, Bass, Producer, Programming
Wyatt Parkins - Artwork, Design
Luis Rodriguez - Composer, E-Bow, Group Member, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Programming
The Spiracles - Arranger, Primary Artist, Producer