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Hot Club de Paris - With Days Like This as Cheap as Chewing Gum Why Would Anyone Want to Work flac

Hot Club de Paris - With Days Like This as Cheap as Chewing Gum Why Would Anyone Want to Work flac
With Days Like This as Cheap as Chewing Gum Why Would Anyone Want to Work
Hot Club de Paris
Alternative Pop/Rock,Alternative/Indie Rock
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Hot Club de Paris were an English band from Liverpool. They are signed to Moshi Moshi Records and released their debut album Drop It 'Til It Pops in October 2006. Their second album Live at Dead Lake was released in June 2008 and they released an EP titled With Days Like This As Cheap As Chewing Gum, Why Would Anyone Want To Work? in 2010. The band has been inactive since 2012. Paul Rafferty is currently the Guitarist and Vocalist of the Punk band 'Bad Meds'.

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