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A Night at the Opera
Album Rock,Art Rock,Contemporary Pop/Rock,Glam Rock,Hard Rock,British Metal,Arena Rock,Heavy Metal
November 21, 1975
Date of recording:
August, 1975 - November, 1975
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A Night at the Opera is the fourth studio album by the British rock band Queen, released on 21 November 1975 by EMI Records in the United Kingdom and by Elektra Records in the United States. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker and Queen, it was reportedly the most expensive album ever recorded at the time of its release. The album's title is taken from the Marx Brothers film of the same name.

Queen - A Night At The Opera (1975).

Commercially it was a huge risk. EMI execs nervously winced at the final (expensive) deliverable, an eclectic set of songs, many of which did not rock, or were too skewed to the artsier, experimental side of pomp-rock. Was it too exotic, and/or weird, and/or beautifully overwrought for the ears of the market, . Hey Jude clocked in well past 7 minute. Money-wise, Bo-Rap and its home Opera LP hit the jackpot; the rest is well-to-poorly scripted history.

A Night at the Opera is the fourth studio album by the British rock band Queen, released on 21 November 1975 by EMI Records in the United Kingdom and by Elektra Records in the United States. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker and Queen, it was the most expensive album ever recorded at the time of its release. The album takes its name from the Marx Brothers film of the same name, which the band watched one night at the studio complex when recording.

A Night At The Opera. Metal Rock Pop rock Hard rock Classic rock Progressive rock Glam rock Heavy metal. I'm In Love With My Car. You're My Best Friend.

A Night At The Opera: Queen’s Regal Invite Could Not Be Ignored. A Night At The Opera, as we all now know, is a masterpiece. Everything from its title (borrowed from The Marx Brothers 1935 movie) to the music, the album’s artwork and the whole pomp and circumstance of the entire package is majestic. And so the album was released on 21 November 1975 and as a result, Christmas belonged to Queen. The sold-out tour that had begun a week before the album’s release culminated with a Christmas Eve concert at Hammersmith Odeon that was videotaped and broadcast by the BBC on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Their North American tour kicked off in the fourth week of January and this too proved to be a triumph. A Night At The Opera soared to N. on the Billboard album chart and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ became the band’s first top ten single on the Hot 100 while Queen were touring America.

A Night at the Opera is a 1975 album by English rock band Queen. It was produced by Roy Thomas Baker and Queen, and reportedly was, at the time of its release, the most expensive album ever made. It was originally released by EMI in the UK where it topped the charts for nine weeks, a record at the time, and Elektra Records in the United States where the album peaked at and has been certified Triple Platinum (three million copies sold).

Using the multi-layered guitars of its predecessor as a foundation, A Night at the Opera encompasses metal ("Death on Two Legs," "Sweet Lady"), pop (the lovely, shimmering "You're My Best Friend"), campy British music hall ("Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon," "Seaside Rendezvous"), and mystical prog rock ("'39," "The. Prophet's Song"), eventually bringing it all together on the pseudo-operatic "Bohemian Rhapsody

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Death on Two Legs (Dedicated To...) Freddie Mercury / Queen Queen 3:43
2 Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon Freddie Mercury / Queen Queen 1:07
3 I'm in Love with My Car Queen / Roger Taylor Queen 3:04
4 You're My Best Friend John Deacon / Queen Queen 2:52
5 '39 Brian May / Queen Queen 3:30
6 Sweet Lady Brian May / Queen Queen 4:03
7 Seaside Rendezvous Freddie Mercury / Queen Queen 2:19
8 The Prophet's Song Brian May / Queen Queen 8:20
9 Love of My Life Freddie Mercury / Queen Queen 3:38
10 Good Company Brian May / Queen Queen 3:23
11 Bohemian Rhapsody Freddie Mercury / Queen Queen 5:54
12 God Save the Queen Queen / Traditional Queen 1:15


Roy Thomas Baker - Producer
David Costa - Art Direction
John Deacon - Bass (Electric), Composer
Kris Fredriksson - Audio Restoration, Audio Supervisor
Bob Ludwig - Mastering
Gary Lyons - Engineer
Brian May - Arranger, Composer, Executive Producer, Guitar
Freddie Mercury - Composer, Vocals
Queen - Arranger, Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
Justin Shirley-Smith - Audio Supervisor
Mike Stone - Executive Producer
Roger Taylor - Composer, Executive Producer, Percussion
Traditional - Composer
  • Vijora
Queen doesn't really seem to get the appreciation they deserve in the US. They had great success with this and several other albums into the early 80's, but then virtually disappeared from the top 40 altogether. Which is a shame, because most of their best work came in the latter part of their career up until Freddie Mercury's untimely death. Still, though, 'A Night at the Opera' deserves most of the acclaim it gets, as it's one of the group's masterpieces ('Innuendo' being the other one). The album has been discussed to death, but here it goes anyway. Everyone's heard the brilliant 'Bohemian Rhapsody', and 'You're My Best Friend' (written by bassist John Deacon) is also excellent. But have you heard gems like Brian May's '39', a beautiful folk/sci-fi fusion that might be THE highlight of the album? Then there's the breezy, endlessly creative 'Seaside Rendezvous' with a percussion break played by Freddie and Roger Taylor on a mixing desk. 'Love of My Life' is a fan favorite; to my ears it's a little too sappy, but Freddie's vocals make it all worth it. For all the silliness, all of these tracks are carefully produced and are worth re-visiting time and time again. Queen didn't completely abandon their hard rock roots, either. There's 'Sweet Lady' and 'Death on Two Legs' (which was dedicated to their former manager). A classic album, though it might not be to everyone's tastes, but you can't deny the talent and sheer creativity. It just flat out rocks.
  • Taulkree
10/10 (ALBUM PICK)Queen's masterpiece is still as good as ever. This album shows a wide range of content in lyrics, production and vocals. Yes, Bohemian Rhapsody may be Queen's best song, but here we got the amazing little story that is '39, they vocally outstanding Love of My Life, or the theatrical The Prophet's Song. Queen gives us a delightful album and they let us know how all four members could work together (as they did before this album) to produce something memorable.Track picks:- Bohemian Rhapsody- Love of My Life- The Prophet's Song- '39- Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon- Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...)
  • Daigrel
The production for this album is outstanding, and the experimental techniques are truly exciting and important. However, despite maybe the best song of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody, and some very strong songs, like You're My Best Friends, I give this album a relatively low rating, simply because I personally do not like all the songs that much. Songs like '39, Love of My Life and the Prophet's Song, I find a bit boring and cliché. But the variety here is huge, and it is still an impressive accomplishment and a historically important album worth listenting to at least twice - no doubt! I consider this the "Sgt Pepper" of Queen's discography (and some songs even sound a bit Beatlesque). I'm just not a super fan of these tracks - as I am of for example Killer Queen or Don't stop me now.
  • Marirne
I did not expect this to be so...dynamic. The amount of experimentation and creativity here is something I will never forget. I may not be a fan of the lyrics on some tracks, but I cannot question the superb writing of everything else.
  • Mori
During the previous two years, 'Seven Seas of Rhye' had nudged Queen into the British top 10 and 'Killer Queen' had then introduced them to the U.S. top 20. But despite three very promising albums, what they didn't yet have was a career definer, a record that would elevate them to iconic status and ensure that they'd never have to get day jobs again. A Night at the Opera changed that. I'd call it the greatest ever glam rock album, but that would be massively underselling it; this is quite simply one of the all-time great rock and popular music offerings.Roy Thomas Baker came into his own on A Night, conjuring up a shimmering production quality that would influence mainstream rock for well over a decade to come. And yet, for all of this album's pomp, circumstance and success, the irony is that Queen didn't go out of their way to make a glorified hit single machine, it's eclectic in what one would almost say to be the mould of Sgt. Pepper.'Death on Two Legs' kicks off the opera with a make-no-bones-about-it personal, venomous response to the band's original management company, who had left its members in debt up to this point. It doesn't stray out of the realms of art and into straight-up nasty, but Freddie Mercury certainly isn't in a 'showman' mood with this one either. 'I'm in Love with My Car' does what it says on the tin, a written and vocal ode from drummer Roger Taylor describing a man's ardent automobile admiration (possibly his own, never confirmed). The song's crashing but anthemic quality, combined with Taylor's powerful yet not overwhelming voice, suggests that it could have been influenced by the work of '70s contemporaries Slade.'You're My Best Friend', the second single and a healthy hit in many territories, comes from bassist John Deacon's abiding love for and happiness with his wife, but is most strongly punctuated by a Wurlitzer piano throughout. Mercury also adds sentiment to the occasion, firstly with the mid-20th century influenced holiday reminiscence 'Seaside Rendezvous', followed late by the relatively gentle ballad 'Love of My Life' directed towards his then-lover and lifelong close friend Mary Austin.Guitarist Brian May's most significant contribution is ''39', a largely acoustic traditional folk ballad on the surface but in fact tells the tale of futuristic explorers who return home from their voyage to discover that time dilation has cost them a hundred years of time and as a result, all of their loved ones. So......the lead single. Any good? A hit? Did it have a public lifespan beyond the initial chart stay? 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is a passage of music that defies normal pop convention in any era, it's glam rock's 'Stairway'. Almost six minutes of grand, sweeping movements, beginning and culminating with Mercury and his piano, containing everything from stunning vocal harmonies to an indelible guitar solo from May. It'll be played, talked about and written about forever.
  • Risteacor
Fansplaining: Sgt. Pepper's Stairway To Heaven. Anything and everything that made The Beatles and Led Zepplin sound great then and now is here. It is everywhere on this album.
  • Djang
Let's make some things clear.1. Queen never is a Rock Band.- While we still can't be sure whether Queen Sniper Sex Pistols in opposite makes it either, we can make sure at least Queen never is as maroon 5 & adam Lambutt never is.John Deacon's Bass play is always overloaded compared to the already overloaded-in-itself size of the mashup idea of Queen's music while it never makes even a moment of Rock Experience in whole Queen Catalogue.2. This Album & the group has always been overly promoted and always will because of the rubbish nature molded by several filthy intentions.- While this album is nothing more than an album 'that earned and was confirmed 5 stars by its myoosical achievement despite of its rubbish nature', the fans of the group or zombies further worships or even worshi'fy' this doGlike album as the one from the greatest ones aka HUMAN.And the stars I gave to this album is an answer to boldly dull movement. Behave yourselves fanatic doGlike beggars.
  • Anayajurus
Very great album. All songs are good. I sometime say it is the Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band Queen version. In my top ten list of greatest abum of all time.
  • Silverbrew
Наверное, я не обладаю чувством юмора. Либо экспериментальная музыка имеет тенденцию быстро стариться, если можно так выразиться. Прости, Фредди. Попытка избавиться от лед-зеппелинизма? Но. Браво, Роджер! Долгия лета. Браво, дружба! А вы ожидали найти на этом альбоме лучшую (правда, лучшую) кантри-песню. Браво, Брайан! Love of My Life - песня, которую знает половина России, мужская половина. Браво, Фредди! И вряд ли я скажу что-то новое о Богемской, разве что - ее можно сыграть на детской, игрушечной писклявой клавиатуре в 2,5 октавы, и она (Богемская) не потеряет своей ошеломительной шикарности.
  • anneli
Easily Queen's best album. A tight, consistently awesome album and the perfect showcase for their strengths, which include fantastic songwriting from all group members and pristine production values that shine through every song.